If you are having trouble with your laptop and would like for us to check it out for free, please bring it in along with the power adapter.

Bring in your desktop computer for a free check.  You will not need any of the other parts such as the screen, keyboards or any cables.  The exception is for the  “All In One” type, please remember to bring the power adapter, keyboard and mouse.

There are so many different types of viruses and malware, no time to list them all here.  Just know that when your computer is infected, it responds differently from before.  It may be very slow responding, have pop up windows, or bring up other programs or websites.  There is a big motive for those programs loading into your computer.  The is an estimate of billions of dollars made by these companies, mostly overseas, each and every year.

When your hard drives stops working or get infected, there is still a great chance of recovering your important documents, pictures and music.  Depending on the age of the drive, we may be able to replace the hard drive after recovery is finished.

This includes items such as the RAM (Memory Sticks), Hard Disk Drives (Data Storage), power supply or adapter, and other items that connect to your system.If you are having trouble with your laptop and would like for us to check it out for free, please bring it in along with the power adapter.

If the computer system gets slow or corrupted, we may need to either repair it, if possible, or just reinstall the system (ie. Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1 or Windows 10.  Software also includes Drivers for your printer, video cards and more. Drivers are programs that let the mother board know what it is and how to use it properly.

Computer Techs of San Antonio welcomes your questions and or comments. Call us or fill out the form and we will get back to you ASAP.  

How we “Take Care” of our customers.

We don’t just fix the problem your computer has when you bring it in, we go beyond that problem and determine if that is the main cause of your current computer problem. We will always clean your system’s cooling fans to prevent damages from overheating problems.   We will inform you of any best practices that will help keep your computer running as efficiently as possible.

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Computer Techs of San Antonio never charges by the hour. You pay by the job regardless of how much time we have it on our bench.

Have a question? Call Now (210) 823-4948
WINDOWS 8 & 8.1 11%

Fake Microsoft Representatives….

Remember that Microsoft does not call you to inform you that your computer is infected.  There is no department that is checking the millions of US computers for viruses.  Most large companies do not ever call you directly, but if they do and you want to continue, ask them to give you the number to the main office and then check the number out.  My suggestion would be to ignore the call or just hang up.