Computer Repair in San Antonio

Laptop Repair

When should I call Computer Techs for help?   Whenever: 

  • Your laptop computer will not start
  • You see signs of Viruses or Malware
  • A caller wants to get your user name, password or access to your computer
  • You notice a different start page
  • Your computer begins to run very slow
  • Laptop screen does not light up or is dark
  • Screen is cracked
  • System shuts off without cause
  • Advertising screens pop up automatically
  • Bottom of laptop is over heating
  • Some of your data missing or does not open
  • Videos don’t play
  • Strange noise from inside
  • Touch Screen stops responding

In most cases, your computer’s hard drive still contains your data.

Word docs, Excel spreadsheets & other program files

 Music files you saved or downloaded

 Pictures and videos

 Favorites and Shortcuts



A simple test of your computer will insure you will retain your personal data after we complete the repair.

We will test your computer system on the spot and determine what is causing the problems.  We are usually able to bring your system back up with a few steps.  Backup of your important data such as the pictures, videos, music and documents is always encouraged, but if you have not accomplished this lately, we can help with that also.  There are times when immediate back up is needed before we continue to insure it is not in danger of being overwritten or lost forever.

Many problems with desktop and laptop computers are actually preventable. Most System board failures are usually heat related so that means proper and efficient ventilation is very important.  Of course, the actual age of any electronics can add to a higher failure rate.  Cleaning internally will help prevent over heating that can cause damage to your system.

Be sure to check out our “SureFire Back-Up” system.  Instead of “we save your data” which will save pictures, music and documents, we say “We Save You.” Save you from loosing you data but also save you from having to reinstall your operating system like windows 7, 8.1 or Winds 10.  No looking for disks to reinstall your Microsoft Office products, banking and tax records, short cuts, favorites, your favorite games, your paid subscriptions software like your anti virus protection, your special program and everything else that is on your hard drive now.