Computer Techs of San Antonio, unlike some other repair shops, will check your computer right away and in front of you without charge. We will explain every step of the way to insure there are no misunderstanding of what is wrong with your computer and what we will do to bring it up to running condition. We will never charge you for letting you know what it will cost to repair and there no obligation to continue. Also, if your system is repairable but would not be cost effective, you will know and will give you other options such as data recovery or data transfer.

Walk-in anytime during our hours of operation and plan to stay about 5 minutes for checking your computer and writing your receipt for any items you will be leaving and explaining what will be done and the exact cost. If any problems are found that could cause an extra charge, we will stop and call you before we continue. You will have the option to cancel at that time. Our turn-a-round is usually between 1 and 2 days in most cases.