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About Us

3534 Fredericksburt Road Suite #30

We have been at this site for the last 12 years and have helped thousands of local residents with hundreds of computer related problems.  
We began in early 1998 when computers were not a common item in the household.  Of course, now almost ever home has at least one or more. We have kept up with the ever changing world of the pc computers and their versions of Windows.  First worked on Windows 3.1 and now Windows 10.

Good with the Bad

Of course you don't want to get your computer infected.  Lose data, blocking internet, getting your personal information or just causing your computer to run slowly or not at all can be prevented 99 percent of the time.  IF YOU KNOW HOW!  

Steps to keep from getting your computer INFECTED!

1. Get a Paid Version of Anti-Virus

2. Download Folder - Clean after every download 

3.  Pop-Ups - Do not click the X to close.

4. DO NOT Share your information

5.  Read Before You Click

6.  Learn "Ctrl Alt Delete"

7.  Come By For Your Free Complete List

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SureFire BackUp System

Damaged Computer

Imagine your computer is destroyed, taken or just stops working.  

We can save you! 

No lengthy down time 

No system reinstalling 

No programs or keys to locate 

No Data Loss

Upgrades and Repairs

Replace Cracked Screens and non working keyboards.  Have an older system?  Let us do a free evaluation to update it to the latest version of Windows.

Parts missing or damaged?  We have spare parts for most computers.

Data Recovery

We can recover data from crashed drives, old hard disks, USB Thumb drives, External Backup Drives and more.  

Promote current deals

Our graphics designer will create your customized banners, flyers, business cards, website using your logo or a new design that will help you brand your business.

Computer Techs New Ventures

*  An office with computer, printer, wifi and fax by the hour.

*  New Small Business Start Up Package 

*  Classes for beginners, software use, Internet Safe Tips and more. 

Your Help Desk

Have a computer related question?  Just pick up the phone and we can help.  Spending time searching and searching for answers eats up your valuable time.  Don't spend  it on endless searches. 

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Didn't find what you were looking for?

Just click on our phone number or call us direct. 

Computer Techs of San Antonio

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There are days we are in the shop later, call to see if we are still taking care of other computers.